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Project information

Essential school equipment provision

The school that FWT supports is in need of equipment - desks and chairs, science lab equipment and computing equipment. This will enable the school to provide a higher quality education to poor children for whom a good education is a pathway out of poverty.

6 months

Charity information: Faith Welfare Trust

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  • Need


    Faith School has over 300 students (aged 4-12), increasing in recent years as a result of the high quality of the English medium education (and free lunch) it offers to students who cannot afford the usual fee. We are using our limited funding to educate as many children as possible but this means that funds are not available to supply all the equipment we need for a top quality education. This project will enable us to equip our school to offer its pupils an even better educational experience


    The money raised by our project will be used to buy the equipment that Faith School needs (extra desks, science equipment, projector and computers) and that our charity cannot currently afford to provide. Having the new equipment will enable the school to provide students with an improved education and increase the chance that they will escape the poverty trap that afflicts their families.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide a better education for children at Faith School through improving the facilities available.


    » Provide equipment that is currently lacking or inadequate. Purchase and install desks, science equipment, projector and computers.

    What success will look like

    The grades attained by the children graduating from Faith school will improve within 2 years, especially in science subjects.

  • Impact


    The children educated at Faith School go on to complete their public exams at higher schools locally. Their results will be monitored, starting from this year when the equipment was not available and continuing into the future. An improvement of overall attainment (but particularly in science subjects) will demonstrate the effectiveness of the investment in better science and computing equipment.


    The risk of buying unsuitable equipment would make it less effective. The choice of science and computing equipment will be made in consultation with qualified teaching staff at the school and verified by the school advisory committee which has educational experts.
    Regular visits to the school by UK trustees will verify the equipment that has been bought and put to use. Formal accounting procedures in India will ensure that the money is spent according to its purpose.


    Regular newsletters (hard copy and electronic versions) are used to update supporters about progress and new initiatives. The success of the Big Give initiative and the use to which the donations were put will be reported on, with photographs showing the new equipment being used by the children.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £600 science equipment science lab equipment for botany, zoology and chemical and physical sciences and necessary tables
      £900 computer equipment 3 computers, 1 black/white printer, 1 computer table
      £3,900 desks 75 desks for older children and 50 desks for younger children
      £600 projector 1 LCD projector, screen and ceiling mount
  • Background


    The school funded by FWT is in Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. It serves local children, many of whom live in the slum areas of the town and whose parents have very low and unpredictable incomes (daily wage labourers). There is a mix of religious backgrounds, including Hindu, Muslim and Christian. The school has been operating since 2004, offering a high quality English medium education with free lunch to all, with fees only charged to those who can afford to pay.


    The primary beneficiaries are children attending the school, particularly those from the very poor areas of the town, because the high quality education they will receive as a result of the project will help them to attain better grades and access higher education and better jobs in future. If the children gain a good education and are able to get good jobs, their whole family will benefit.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Faith Welfare Trust was instrumental in setting up Faith School and has been its sole funder from the outset. There is a close and trusting relationship with Faith School and the school's progress is monitored by regular visits from trustees and electronic communication at other times. We are the only reliable source of funding available to the school.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Kamala Gummadi

    Kamala oversees the operation of school and contributes much time, effort and personal resources. She will oversee the purchase of equipment.

    Samuel Moses

    Dr Moses has a leading role overseeing the school and is an educational expert. He will ensure that best value is obtained in purchasing equipment.

    Mrs Janaki Latha

    Janaki is the head teacher of Faith School and as such, she will liaise closely with staff to determine exactly what equipment should be purchased.