The Christmas Challenge 2017 - Pledge Form

By completing this form you are making a Pledge promise to Green Shoots Foundation (“the charity”) as part of the Christmas Challenge 2017. The charity has been asked to secure pledges as part of the application process to the Christmas Challenge 2017, an online match funding campaign which takes place from 28th November - 5th December. Please note:

  • Your pledge will be used to match online donations made to the charity when the Christmas Challenge 2017 campaign goes live, from 12pm on 28th November - 12pm on 5th December.
  • You are unable to donate online to the charity during the Christmas Challenge 2017.
  • You are required to fulfil your pledge i.e. pay it to the charity, after the Christmas Challenge 2017 has been completed (after 12pm on 5th December) and by 12th January 2018.
  • If the charity has not used all of its pledge funds by the end of the Christmas Challenge 2017 (Tuesday, 5th December 2017), you will owe a pro rata amount of your pledge.

By completing this form you are accepting the Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you have read these in full. Any breach of our Terms and Conditions may result in Champion funds being withheld from the charity.

Green Shoots Foundation has raised £100 of their £3,000 pledge target

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