First Person Plural

First Person Plural

Charity information

First Person Plural

National survivor-led association for dissociative identity disorder (DID), multiple personality disorder (MPD), DDNOS and similar complex dissociative conditiion.

Founded 1997

  • Mission statement

    For ALL who have or may have dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality didorder, DDNOS or similar childhood abuse or early-trauma-related complex dissociative conditions to have free and easy access to appropriate specialist assessment; for those who have these conditions to be able to access effective free treatment, care and support services for long enough to achieve stable recovery and sustainable improvement in their quality of life; and for appropriate free support services to be made available to their partners, family and informal carers

    We want to see a society which:- acknowledges that dissociative identity disorder and similar complex dissociative conditions are possible long term adverse effects of childhood abuse, trauma and related disorganised attachment relationships with parent-figures during early childhood; recognises that these are neither very rare or fictional conditions; provides local services able to identify and effectively treat, support and care for children, young people and adults affected by these conditions; acts to prevent early childhood traumas (whether deliberate abuse/neglect or other attachment trauma arising from, for example, maternal illness) which can lead to dissociative identity disorder and similar childhood-trauma-related complex dissociative conditions.

  • Aims

    First Person Plural aims to:

    • to provide information and to facilitate mutual support for adults who experience dissociative identity (multiple personality) or similar childhood-trauma-related complex dissociative disorder.
    • to promote a better understanding of these conditions among health, social care and related workers in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors with a view to improving services for those
    • to advance the education of the general public in order to promote a better understanding and acceptance of people who experience these conditions
  • Overview

    Established: April 1997

    Registered Charity Number: 1109464

    Board members: 8

    Volunteers: 8

    Phone number: 01902 810082

    Address: Room G05, Regent House Bath Avenue, Wolverhampton WV4 4EG

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