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Sound It Out Community Music

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Sound It Out Community Music

Sound It Out offers dynamic and vibrant music opportunities, by connecting people who have little opportunity to make music with musicians who want to inspire them and new audiences who want to hear them. Sound It Out is the regional community music development agency for the West Midlands. The organisation has been in existence since 1992 when it was created as a part of Birmingham’s tenure as the City of Music. The organisation has developed a long history of highly successful partnership working, and a reputation for excellence in the development of and delivery of arts based activity across Birmingham and, increasingly, the West Midlands.

The musical activities and services of Sound It Out are culturally and stylistically diverse. We work with people of all ages, ability and levels of commitment in the West Midlands in informal and formal settings. We seek to work to the highest quality in process and performance. Sound It Out views music making for creative expression, individual and collective well-being, in the regeneration of communities and lifelong learning to be of immense value. The organisation delivers music projects that concentrate on four strands of work within the community: Youth, Health, Inclusion and Training and Development.

Founded 1992

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