The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers

The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers

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The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers

The IMechE is a world-leading professional body with over 100,000 members, working in ground breaking areas from sustainable energy and aerospace to Formula One and cutting-edge medical technology.

Founded 1847

  • Mission statement

    The Institution’s vision is; improving the world through engineering and it hopes to achieve this by setting the agenda, developing professional engineers and inspiring the next generation. It’s purpose is to lead and promote professional engineering through its key themes:

    Reducing our dependence on energy whilst facing up to meeting needs for sustainable, secure supplies of fuels and electricity with minimum impact on our climate.

    Responding to the effects of global warming and achieving sustainable ‘one planet’ living, despite the pressures from population growth and increased living standards.

    Advising on what and how should we teach our children so that they can enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than today.

    Providing data and ideas so that we can design a system that maximises the positive benefits of trade and travel, yet minimises congestion and emissions.

    Engineered in Britain
    A growing and thriving manufacturing sector will provide future economic growth, wealth and prosperity.

  • Aims

    The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers aims to:

    • Improving the world through engineering.
  • Overview

    Established: June 1847

    Registered Charity Number: 206882

    Board members: 12

    Full time staff: 122

    Part time staff: 8

    Volunteers: 7000

    Phone number: 02072227899

    Address: 1 Birdcage Walk London SW1H 9JJ

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