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Clervaux Trust Limited

Clervaux Trust provides education and training to disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people and adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and complex social needs, using a practical and therapeutic accredited curriculum based on sustainability, the land and heritage crafts.

Founded 2001

  • Mission statement

    Clervaux Trust provides education and training using a therapeutic practical lifeskills curriculum and experiences that make people feel valued, useful and skilful. Working out of the inspiration of Rudolf Steiner, the Trust is based on a thriving healthy social environment, with positive role models, and provides enriching and worthwhile activities that are linked directly into the wellbeing of the community. Opportunities to learn and experience are woven together with personal and social skills development, vocational experience, cultural events and festivals. The Trust is passionate about providing high-quality, wholesome experiences that benefit on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Clervaux is committed to planet friendly, light-touch living, embracing and promoting sustainable, educational, social and cultural activities. The curriculum inspires them to respect themselves, their communities and the natural world and is deliberately chosen to emphasise the importance of growing high quality, healthy food in a way that promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health that also benefits the earth. All of our activities are BTEC accredited and so provide learners with real skills for life that will enhance their employability.

    We work hard to enhance the level of food awareness, nutrition and catering skills by reconnecting young people to the land and demonstrating the complete food cycle from seed to plate. The environment in which people eat is also crucial. The young people we work with have rarely sat with other people around a table and eaten a well prepared, fully balanced meal in a warm sociable, nurturing environment. They tend to eat on the hoof or whilst watching TV or playing on the computer. Clervaux encourages young people to sit sociably, experiment with new tastes, support each other in learning recipes and techniques and reflecting on the process.

    The Trust operates its wide-ranging provision from its two main sites, Clow Beck and the Artisan Bakery and Cafe. These two locations enable the Trust to build a mutually interdependent relationship between the urban and rural.

    The land at Clow Beck is being developed under Biodynamic principles, as inspired by the philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic management stretches beyond organic, with respect for the land as a living organism, and a harnessing of natural rhythms in the growth of fresh produce and rearing of livestock.

    The Trust is an active member of the Biodynamic Association, and as a member of the Biodynamic Apprentice Training Scheme, provides a two-year training course in horticultural and agriculture for the next generation of biodynamic gardeners and farmers. As a member of the Social Farming Movement a multifunctional view of agriculture is adopted; recognising that agriculture produces more than the saleable goods, but also health, employment, therapy, education, a better environment and integration for marginalised groups.

    Organic meat is raised and prepared on the land and organic vegetables are produced in the market garden and both are supplied to the Clow Beck kitchen, the Clervaux Community Artisan Bakery and Cafe and all of our residential houses in Darlington, bringing high quality taste and nutrition to the wider community. Individuals can experience and understand the processes involved in commerce, grounding a sense of realistic economics, raising aspirations, improving employability and contributing to a sense of self worth.

    The seed to table process is the key to the production of food, yet it is too often over-looked or unrecognised in our busy modern world. At Clervaux, the Trust embeds the relationship between land and food culture at the heart of what it does.

    From the sowing and planting of seeds to planning and preparing of a meal, all will have played their own valued role in what culminates in the sitting down at the table and sharing of a meal together as equals. The recognition and understanding of this key process promotes respect, appreciation and gratitude with peers and mentors.

    The expansion of the market garden has enabled Clervaux to provide a weekly vegetable-box scheme to the local community, keeping the carbon footprint low and reducing the impact of local climate rhythms and expanding the availability of healthy, locally grown fresh food. The cost to recipients is as low as is commercially viable whilst also providing Clervaux with an additional income stream. The scheme is managed by our biodynamic apprentices and engages our students and residents by being fully embedded in the curriculum. Students help process orders and pick and pack each box. Weekly recipe cards and newsletters are produced and provided with each box encouraging experimentation by the recipients.

    As our reputation for high quality spreads, other local businesses are beginning to use Clervaux as a supplier of vegetables and artisan bakery products.

    The trust's residential provision, Clervaux Life, carries the Trust's vision to a whole-life approach, providing 24-hour care to young and mature adults with learning difficulties, mental health problems, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and complex social needs. All people have the ability to grow and develop to their potential. Clervaux seeks to harness and nurture that potential by providing a rich and varied lifestyle to those wishing to expand their capabilities. This holistic approach provides stability for confidence building, making positive lifestyle choices and developing meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, equality and trust.

    Daytime provision is led by experienced crafts people and commercial staff, experts in their own areas, and professionals trained to work with those with specialist needs. Our tutors and support staff hold the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) award. Individuals are also supported to expand their training and work experience with outside organisations, enabling them to further develop their employability skills and qualifications. This daytime experience is a major part of residents' lifestyles, allowing them the benefit of a structured week. Non-residents are also welcomed on a full or part-time day provision basis.

    In partnership with Darlington Borough Council, a pioneering new scheme has successfully been piloted, working with young parents from the local area. Separate groups are run for mums and dads. The young parents, typically aged 17 to 21, bring their babies and toddlers to the peaceful, safe environment at the Clow Beck Centre. We help them build their self confidence, homemaking and parenting skills.

    Our market garden run by the biodynamic apprentices is integral to the success of our Young Parents project. The Principal Educational Psychologist at Darlington Borough Council evaluated the first two cohorts of the Young Parents Programme in 2010..

    Our newest initiative is a training bakery for homeless veterans leaving the armed services based at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. This partnership between Riverside ECHG, the MOD and Clervaux Trust is a great new venture in creating opportunities for veterans to develop new skills in preparation for a life outside the services.

    In the short time that we have been operating, we have gained an excellent reputation for dealing with people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and complex social needs in a positive innovative way.

  • Aims

    Clervaux Trust Limited aims to:

    • Clervaux Trust provides education and training to disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people and adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and complex social needs, using a practical and therapeutic accredited curriculum based on sustainability, the land and heritage crafts.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2001

    Registered Charity Number: 1079074

    Board members: 5

    Full time staff: 21

    Part time staff: 30

    Volunteers: 50

    Phone number: 01325 381714

    Address: 38 Coniscliffe Road Darlington DL3 7RG

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