Bayis Lepleitos

Bayis Lepleitos

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Bayis Lepleitos

Our Orphanage, BAYIS LEPLEITOS and its sister institution, GIRLS TOWN JERUSALEM, house and care for many hundreds of orphaned and deprived children.

Founded 1949

  • Mission statement

    Bayis Lepleitos - Girls Town Jerusalem was established later after the Six-Day War and cares for a very different type of girl. Girls who have been abused, girls from homes where the parents are either mentally or physically incapacitated and of course, orphans who have no family whatsoever to care for them. There are children from a host of different countries, Iran, Morocco, England, the United States to name a few, with the latest entries from what was formerly the Soviet Union, so, in their own way, they are survivors too and of course many Israeli girls.

    Here at Bayis Lepleitos - Girls Town Jerusalem, we help them rebuild their shattered lives, chose a vocation most suited to their individual requirements and so, give them the opportunity to become independent and well capable of leading productive lives. The academic syllabus has been designed to give them the maximum of scholastic achievement, including the entire field of computer science much emphasized here in Israel so that they are well able to compete with their peers in the world outside. Of course, the arts are not neglected and the works of arts produced by the children are unbelievably beautiful and moving, portraying their innermost thoughts.

    At present we care for just over 600 girls from kindergarten through, elementary, academic and vocational training, hi-tech program, and post high school projects for the girls.

  • Aims

    Bayis Lepleitos aims to:

    • Provide the best possible care to these poor Orphaned and Homeless Girls who are unfortunate to have gone through a tough life thus far, this is only possible with the funds from the wider public.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1949

    Registered Charity Number: 1137019

    Board members: 3

    Full time staff: 200

    Part time staff: 100

    Volunteers: 500

    Phone number: 02081449181

    Address: 113 Fairview Road London N15 6TS

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