A Little Gesture A Great Help

A Little Gesture A Great Help

Charity information

A Little Gesture A Great Help

A Little Gesture will benefit 1’000 Mozambique children in 2012, plus 4x indirect beneficiaries. Focus is Access to Water, Housing, Pre-School & Technical Education, with a fully volunteer UK team.

Founded 2011

  • Mission statement

    Promote the improvement of living conditions for underprivileged children and their families in Mozambique
    THEORY OF CHANGE: We believe that access to education and nutrition, in a healthy and dignified environment, will help children and young people from Mozambique break the cycle of poverty.

    Our projects cover Education (pre-school, technical courses, uni grants, etc), Infrastructure (access to water & family huts) and Sustainability (income generating activities), centered on the underprivileged child, often an orphan, and their (remote) families.

    With a fully volunteer UK team, we are small, focused and offer a personalized donor relationship applying c. 95p per pound donated, on the children, on the ground.

  • Aims

    A Little Gesture A Great Help aims to:

    • Disease Prevention - Water access improves hygiene, reduces disease - Family huts provide shelter, cleaner living environments - Coordination with health-focused NGOs on basic health and sanitation
    • Poverty Relief - Food and clothing - Basic housing - small family huts - Community infrastructure - village water wells, community centers or chicken farms
    • Advancement of Education - Academic: school fees, pre-schools, after-class study centres & uni grants -Technical/skills-based: learning centres for carpentry, sewing, literacy, IT, arts&crafts
  • Overview

    Established: March 2011

    Registered Charity Number: 1141990

    Board members: 4

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 07733301515

    Address: 12A Selwood Place London SW7 3QQ

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