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The John Hartson Foundation

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The John Hartson Foundation

In July 2009, the football world was rocked by the news that former Celtic and Wales striker John Hartson had been diagnosed with testicular cancer.
For 48 hours, John’s life hung in the balance as the deadly disease spread to his brain and lungs, an emergency operation became the focal point for his anxious family and friends. It was the start of a long, arduous and emotional process that tested John’s capacity for survival. But, survive he did showing his resolve to fight against the killer illness from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.
John’s story is one that he has openly shared with the world. Not for personal gain – but in the hope that his story can save other families from going through the anguish, his own family went through. John knows he was lucky and pleads that you learn from his harrowing experience.
The John Hartson Foundation was set up by John, to create awareness campaigns to get young men to check themselves for the signs of testicular cancer and “IF” at all uncertain seek medical advice at once. Medical research tells us – if testicular cancer is spotted early and treated, that 95% these cases are curable. Golf is not the only way; you can lose your balls!

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    To provide information, education, awareness of testicular cancer and support to those individuals and families already affected.

    •Increased early identification rates of testicular cancer across all age groups in the UK
    •Everyone knows how to check
    •All members of society are able to access relevant supporting resources
    •The social stigma of testicular cancer is removed
    •That men understand their options and where to go for testicular cancer support

    Key objectives
    •Raise awareness of testicular cancer across the population
    •Promote the benefits of early identification
    •Reinforces education on how to identify problems early for your self
    •Support of appropriate specialised research
    •Provide access to resources for those concerned or directly affected by testicular cancer
    •Utilise sport as a medium to help break down the social barriers around talking about testicular cancer

    What we do
    To deliver our mission and key objectives we:
    •Use the website to provide access to the appropriate and relevant resources
    •Raise awareness through branding, advertising and promotion
    •Carry out direct education and training interventions in schools, colleges and universities
    •Distribute informational and instructional leaflets to organisations, sporting bodies and to other appropriate locations
    •Partner with high profile athletes and sports organisations to help raise awareness
    •Support wider cancer awareness programmes
    •Research the existing levels of awareness across key social demographics to target our resources effectively
    •Provide support and resources to individuals and their families affected by testicular cancer
    •Arrange/run events to promote awareness and raise funds

  • Aims

    The John Hartson Foundation aims to:

    • To make all young men aware of the facts of testicular cancer. Help in the education of sufferers and their families.
  • Overview

    Established: March 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1151319

    Board members: 2

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 1

    Phone number: 07961543254

    Address: 25 A St James Avenue Hairmyres East Kilbride G74 5QD

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