Charity information


Founded 1988, FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare charity. We provide immediate assistance to animals in danger, and deliver projects and campaigns to relieve and prevent their suffering.

Founded 2007

  • Mission statement

    FOUR PAWS is driven by its vision - a world where humans treat animals with respect, understanding and empathy.

    FOUR PAWS is the strong, global and independent animal voice for animals under human control.

    - Creating sustainable solutions for animals in need.
    - Touching hearts, changing consumer behaviour
    - Driving legal change
    - Building powerful partnerships

    We construct deliverable projects that both relieve and prevent suffering for wild animals, companion animals, laboratory animals and farm animals across the world as well as responding to disaster relief efforts.

    To make real improvements in animal welfare we recognise that there is a need for people to change their behaviour towards animals, so we raise awareness of the benefits of the humane treatment of animals through education, by working to improve legislation and business practises and through the promotion of best practice.

    FOUR PAWS is committed to recruiting people local to our projects and activities. In this way we build up local skills understanding and increase awareness of animals and their needs creating sustainable local solutions.

  • Aims

    FOUR PAWS aims to:

    • Be a voice to ensure that unnecessary animal suffering is brought to an end.
    • Promote public debate to ensure that positive changes are made to better enhance the welfare and treatment of animals.
    • Carry out practical day to day work to prevent and alleviate animal.
  • Overview

    Established: January 2007

    Registered Charity Number: 1118102

    Board members: 3

    Full time staff: 6

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 02079227961

    Address: 32-36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EH

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