O"-Bay Community Trust

O"-Bay Community Trust

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O"-Bay Community Trust

OBCT seeks to tackle poverty and inequality amongst out vulnerable community members in a multi-faceted method which is accessible and meets the basic short and long term needs of our service users.

Founded 1990

  • Mission statement

    O”-Bay Community Trust serves the mission of Our Community by supporting and engaging in research, entrepreneurship, community service, sponsored programs and the acquisition of public and private resources.

    It is the aim of O”-Bay Community Trust to facilitate a full inclusion policy for local BME groups and individuals, especially those experienceing Economic, Social and Cultural disadvantage.

    O"-Bay Community Trust aspires to reach our members universally and to collectively tackle social and economic deprivations facing communities both 'home' and 'away'. The unity of the Trust's members on the basis of an equal partnership, will attract and facilitate better sustainable opportunities for our communitites, and ensure prosperity for all.

  • Aims

    O"-Bay Community Trust aims to:

    • In summary OBCT work seeks to tackle poverty and inequality amongst our vulnerable community members and local residents in a multi-faceted method which is accessible and which meets the basic short-term and long-term needs of our service users, in order to facilitate their integration into the local community.
    • It is the aim of O”-Bay Community Trust to facilitate a full inclusion policy for local community and individuals, especially those experiencing economic, social and cultural disadvantages. O”-Bay Community Trust benefit the local resident and the migrants communities by facilitating full inclusion, involvements, integration and engagements in local civic and civil activities for our local community benefits. OBCT members, services users, local residents and individuals, especially those experiencing economic deprivation, social and cultural disadvantages are able to per-take in various sustainability initiatives including civic duties.
    • Staff details: 100 part-time volunteers; 20 full-time volunteers; See attach for OBCT Management Committee structure and board members details. OBCT work target the vulnerable members of our communities to make accessible pathways away from poverty and deprivation; to give our service users the opportunities to engage in activities, projects or services provided by ourselves or/with our local network partners which will facilitate their integration into our local community to ensure their involvements and engagements in civic and civil activities. OBCT work to harness the immense capability through working with over a thousand of our local network partners to meet the needs of our vulnerable migrant communities, in ensuring we maximise the opportunity for our members and service users to integrate into society, through, employment, volunteering, civic empowerment, training, youth and weekend supplementary classes and gaining better educational attainment for their sustainability and benefits.
  • Overview

    Established: March 1990

    Registered Charity Number: 1103339

    Board members: 15

    Full time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 118

    Phone number: 02088038079

    Address: 287 Fore Street Edmonton London N9 0PD

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