Energy Solutions (North West London)

Energy Solutions (North West London)

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Energy Solutions (North West London)

Energy Solutions mission is to promote and implement the sustainable use of energy in homes, businesses, and the community/public sector throughout North West London.
Through our work we aim to benefit the local community by;

• Reducing the number of people living in fuel poverty
• Helping to provide warmer, cheaper to run and more energy efficient homes for all households and businesses
• Minimize both the local and global environment damage caused by energy use
• Raising the level of awareness and education within the local community about the sustainable use of energy and engaging people in taking action
• Campaigning for the development of a secure and sustainable local energy supply network

Our core business is providing a free information and advice service to all households, businesses and community/public sector organisations to enable them to reduce their carbon emissions and use energy more sustainably. We have a particular focus on working within the field of Fuel poverty and offer a unique service of home visits and face to face assistance to the most vulnerable members of society to assist with them with reducing fuel bills, managing fuel debts, accessing grants and making homes warmer with minimum environmental impact,

We also have a history of running innovative community outreach projects that help to raise awareness, kick start ideas and engage local communities in playing an active role in using energy in a more sustainable way.

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