The Amarna Trust

The Amarna Trust

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The Amarna Trust

The Amarna Trust works to support archaeological research at Tell el-Amarna in Egypt. It provides funding for survey, excavation and conservation, and promotes access to and appreciation of the site.

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    The objects of the Amarna Trust are to advance public education and to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the ancient city of Tell el-Amarna, Egypt and the surrounding area for the benefit of the public.

    Tell el-Amarna (or simply Amarna) was the short-lived capital built by the ‘heretic’ Pharaoh Akhenaten and abandoned shortly after his death (c. 1332 BCE). It was here that he pursued his vision of a society dedicated to the cult of one god, the power of the sun (the Aten). As well as this historic interest Amarna remains the largest readily accessible living-site from ancient Egypt. It is thus simultaneously the key to a chapter in the history of religious experience and to a fuller understanding of what it was like to be an ancient Egyptian.

    The Amarna Trust (via the Amarna Project) embraces several areas of interest that reflect the human occupation of this part of the Nile Valley. Primarily they concern the ancient city itself, its private houses, its royal buildings, and all the evidence that can be used to reconstruct the kind of a place it was and what it was like to live there.

  • Aims

    The Amarna Trust aims to:

    • To work in partnership with the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt to maintain the ancient city for the benefit of the public
    • To provide, and assist in the provision of, lectures and publications in furtherance of the stated objects
    • To promote training in archaeological field skills
    • To create a permanent facility for study (the research base - The Amarna Centre)
    • To undertake and support field research (and to publish the results of such research)
  • Overview

    Established: February 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1161292

    Board members: 9

    Phone number: 02380 599636

    Address: The Amarna Trust Newton Hall Town Street Newton Cambridge United Kingdom CB22 7ZE

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