Red Squirrel Survival Trust

Red Squirrel Survival Trust

Charity information

Red Squirrel Survival Trust

The only national charity committed to the protection and conservation of the UK's native red squirrel

Founded 2009

  • Mission statement

    The Red Squirrel Survival Trust exists to ensure the conservation and protection of the red squirrel in the United Kingdom by :

    We are guided by the following values:

    • The red squirrel’s place in UK life should be protected.
    Red squirrels have existed in the UK since the Ice Age. They are much loved creatures and play an important role in the biodiversity of the communities in which they live.

    • Grey squirrels are an unwanted and invasive species in the UK.
    The threat to the survival of the red squirrel is caused by the greys. The grey squirrel is aggressive, damages wildlife and forestry and can carry disease which is fatal to red squirrels.

    • Greys should be controlled in the UK.
    Targeted culling of greys is essential in order to secure red squirrels. Where possible we prefer non lethal methods of control.

    • We work to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.
    We are a professionally run charity with strong governance. We believe in maintaining high levels of transparency.

    • We favour projects that minimise bureaucracy.
    We are a practical charity, and we believe in efficiency and the avoidance of bureaucracy wherever possible.

  • Aims

    Red Squirrel Survival Trust aims to:

    • 1. Prevent the extinction of the red squirrel in the UK. We will do this by funding projects to keep reds and greys apart, and to assist the winning reds in areas where red squirrel numbers have increased or are stabilising
    • 2. Establish new red squirrel colonies. We intend to fund projects facilitating the repopulation with red squirrels of areas where there are currently none. Our ultimate goal is the repopulation of the red squirrel across the UK.
    • 3. Fund research concerning squirrels in the UK. We shall fund research into areas which help to achieve the objectives of the charity.
    • 4. Raise awareness of the plight of the red squirrel in the UK. We will raise awareness regarding red squirrel issues by providing information, maintaining a high public profile, and promoting good conservation practice.
  • Overview

    Established: February 2009

    Registered Charity Number: 1116947

    Board members: 6

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 2000

    Phone number:

    Address: 4 East Bank House Tide Mill Way Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1BY

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