Church Mission Society (CMS)

Church Mission Society (CMS)

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Church Mission Society (CMS)

CMS – We want the world to know Jesus. Since our founding over 200 years ago, more than 10,000 people have served as mission partners with CMS in countries across the globe.

Founded 1799

  • Mission statement

    We want the world to know Jesus.
    We have always been about people in mission, from the start to the heart. The donations we receive help fund the mission work we do in six ways:
    1. CMS is a Community. We believe in every member of the church being involved in the mission of Jesus. Currently 2,500 CMS members live in the UK. So we are concerned for mission locally, as well as the rest of the world.
    2. CMS has sent Mission Partners from the beginning of our existence. Our mission partners are members of the community who feel called to serve alongside local Christians in other cultures, wherever in the world that may take them.
    3. CMS also works through Timothy Mission Partners. Timothy partners are talented indigenous leaders in Asia and Africa whose churches cannot afford the entire support for their pioneering work in their own region. So we lend a helping hand.
    4. CMS is committed to seeing indigenous CMS missions established globally – enabling local mission leaders to follow God’s leading. CMS Africa was founded in 2009, Asia CMS is presently coming into being and we hope to see a Latin America CMS mission started in the next five years.
    5. CMS recently launched a fresh and innovative training programme for Pioneer Mission Leaders. Wherever in the world the mission of Jesus goes on, the church needs pioneer mission leaders to break new ground. This training currently offers certification up to BA level and is particularly for those pioneering mission in the UK.
    6. CMS also facilitates mission both locally and globally through Grants. We have many trusts and individuals who give large donations to help fund parts of our mission work through our strategic partners and other people in mission.

  • Aims

    Church Mission Society (CMS) aims to:

    • We want the world to know Jesus.
  • Overview

    Established: April 1799

    Registered Charity Number: 1131655

    Board members: 6

    Full time staff: 60

    Part time staff: 7

    Volunteers: 200

    Phone number: 01865 787468

    Address: CMS Watlington Road Oxford OX4 6BZ

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