The Drinking Fountain Association

The Drinking Fountain Association

Charity information

The Drinking Fountain Association

To promote the provision of drinking water and the preservation of the Association’s archive materials, artefacts, drinking fountains, cattle troughs and other installations.

Founded 1859

  • Mission statement

    The Association's Find-a-Fountain (www. Findafountain. Org) campaign aims to achieve its mission of increasing consumption of tap water by facilitating the installation, restoration and awareness of public drinking fountains and encouraging shops, pubs, cafes and banks to provide drinking water. In this way, Find-a-Fountain, working with other organisations (eg www. Tapwater. Org, www. Givemetap. Org), hopes to reduce the waste, expense and carbon emissions generated by bottled water around the world.

    There are two main ways we will increase tap water consumption:

    1. Encourage the public to use fountains and taps.
    2. Increase the numbers of fountains and sources of tap water.

  • Aims

    The Drinking Fountain Association aims to:

    • AWARENESS: We will counter the modern misconception that tap/fountain water is in any way hazardous to health through PR and awareness raising initiatives.
    • MOBILE UPLOAD: Develop a phone app for users to submit the location and photos of fountains so that the campaign becomes self-perpetuating.
    • FUND-A-FOUNTAIN: Facilitate the restoration, installation and maintenance of water fountains across the UK through legacies, donations or corporate sponsors.
    • MAP: Populate a fountain and tap map on
    • OPEN SOURCE: Work with partners around the world to establish an open source platform for the location of all free water sources to be shared.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1859

    Registered Charity Number: 207743

    Board members: 9

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 3

    Phone number: 0207 0613759

    Address: 2 Bleeding Heart Yard London EC1N 8SJ

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