All Souls Clubhouse

All Souls Clubhouse

Charity information

All Souls Clubhouse

A Christian Community Centre serving Fitzrovia Area of Westminster London.
Children's & Youth Work. Work with the elderly and provision of space for several addiction and support groups.

Founded 1958

  • Mission statement

    Mission Statement - Vision and Values
    Our vision
    Growing an international community to reach a multicultural society for Christ.
    Our aims
    · Come together to learn to live Christ across our scattered networks
    · Send out to serve and speak Christ along our different networks
    · Send on to witness and work for Christ in new networks
    Value Statement
    We believe in the value of every human being and the importance of giving each individual
    the opportunity to grow. In partnership with others, we seek to provide high quality
    services which are accessible to all within the community. Our work is rooted in Christ and
    aims to express His love.

  • Aims

    All Souls Clubhouse aims to:

    • Our main aims are: - To make Christ known to older people in the community - to reduce isolation - to reduce loneliness and associated feelings of depression - to enable people to remain living independently - to increase social interaction and inclusion. - to refer on to other agencies as necessary, and support individuals to engage with these services.
    • What The Clubhouse Wants For Every Young Person That you know who Jesus Christ is That you are healthy 1. Physically 2. Mentally and emotionally 3. Sexually 4. In your lifestyle 5. And free from drugs That you are safe 1. From accidents 2. From bullying 3. From crime 4. From self harm and abuse 5. And have stability That you enjoy and achieve 1. You are included 2. You improve in self confidence and self esteem 3. You have higher aspirations 4. In your lifestyle 5. You get involved in positive activities That you make a positive contribution 1. Self-governing 2. Law abiding positive behaviour 3. Not bullying or discriminating 4. Dealing with life changes 5. Developing enterprising behaviour That you achieve economic well-being 1. And have skills for education, employment and training 2. And are ready for employment 3. And are financially literate 4. And can access work experience 5. And have good employment opportunities
    • To provide supplementary clubs, childcare, activities and teaching for children in the local community of Fitzrovia that demonstrate the love of Jesus and what the Bible says about Him in a fun and engaging environment. The outcomes of which are to meet the needs of families in the local area practically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Overview

    Established: November 1958

    Registered Charity Number: 303292

    Board members: 5

    Full time staff: 6

    Part time staff: 9

    Volunteers: 50

    Phone number: 02072559753

    Address: 141 Cleveland Street London W1T 6QG

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