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Daily Life Ltd. Produces the work and projects of Bobby Baker.

Bobby Baker can be described variously as a woman; an artist; a performance artist; an artist who periodically goes mad; a person suffering from 'severe and enduring mental illness'; a wife and mother of two great children; a person who passionately wants to contribute to the debate about this last great civil rights movement of the west - namely the de-stigmatisation of mental illness in society; a person who likes to laugh a lot and make art a lot and finely, against all odds, as an optimist.

Bobby Baker is in a unique position as a service user of mental health services, an established artist with a major international reputation, an existing company of renowned collaborators and a well managed Company to develop an ambitious programme of art projects focused on the understanding and de-stigmatisation of mental illness.

Founded 1993

  • Mad World Art Games

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