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The New Bridge Foundation

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The New Bridge Foundation

New Bridge has provided a unique befriending service to prisoners for sixty years.

Volunteers provide emotional support for prisoners who are isolated and lack the support of family or friends. The role of the New Bridge befriender becomes all the more crucial given the fact that research shows maintaining ties with family and friends is important for ensuring successful resettlement and that the risk of re-offending is higher for prisoners who do not receive visits.

Founded 1956

  • Mission statement

    New Bridge’s vision is of a society in which there are fewer victims, because all offenders who can benefit from our support are given the help they need to stop offending.

    New Bridge works with individual offenders responding to their needs and talents. Through befriending and mentoring we help them realise their potential as members of society.

    We offer services to help prisoners keep in touch with the outside world and prepare themselves to rejoin it. The intention is not to forget the victims of crime but to prevent more people becoming victims.

    Many people who have committed crimes and receive a prison sentence are extremely vulnerable. They may be depressed, angry, alone and even suicidal. For many, there seems no hope for life inside or for a crime free future upon release.

    Many prisoners, especially those serving long sentences lose touch with their loved ones. Research shows that ties with family and friends can make a significant difference to rehabilitation and reoffending. Prison visits can reduce the chances of reoffending by over a third. For those without contact with family or friends the future can seem bleak.

    New Bridge steps in to befriend and mentor prisoners who might otherwise have no one. Our volunteers write and visit, bringing humanity and hope for a crime free future to over 400 prisoners each year.

    In 2014, 199 Befriending volunteers travelled a total of 89,488 miles to make 429 visits (an increase of 18% year on year).

  • Aims

    The New Bridge Foundation aims to:

    • To promote & support the education, befriending and resettlement of prisoners and ex-offenders including through befriending via a national network of volunteers.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1956

    Registered Charity Number: 1103511

    Board members: 10

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 219

    Phone number: 020 8671 3856

    Address: 1a Elm Park London SW2 2TX

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  • Befriending Service

    New Bridge has trained and recruited and trained volunteers to befriend and encourage men ... More