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Malaika Kids UK

Malaika Kids supports orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania. Whether housed in our special Children's Village or in foster homes in Dar es Salaam, we ensure they are properly looked after and get the best possible schooling. We want them to grow up to be independent and productive citizens.

Founded 2007

  • Mission statement

    We aim to support as many vulnerable children as possible, through our flexible care programme. This aims to find the best solution for each child; whether fostered with wider family or housed in our unique Children’s Village, we ensure they are properly looked after, go to school and have the opportunity to develop and thrive as individuals.

    Strategy and financial control are managed by Malaika Kids UK, but on the ground this is a Tanzanian project run by Mama Najma Manji and the Tanzanian management team. Our UK role is to fund, plan and enable, so that over time the operation becomes increasingly robust, self reliant and self sufficient.

    We are transparent in our operations and fundraising activities and are accountable to our donors, to regulatory agencies, and ultimately to the community we aim to help.

    By making effective use of dedicated volunteers in our fundraising countries, we are able to direct over 97% of money raised to our Tanzanian operations.

  • Aims

    Malaika Kids UK aims to:

    • We aim to support as many vulnerable Tanzanian orphan children as possible through our flexible care programme; finding the best solution for each child;
  • Overview

    Established: February 2007

    Registered Charity Number: 1118149

    Phone number: 020 7266 2803

    Address: 6 Lauderdale Mansions Lauderdale Road London W9 1NE

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