Together Working for Wellbeing

Together Working for Wellbeing

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Together Working for Wellbeing

Together is a national charity working alongside people with mental health issues on their journey to leading fulfilling and independent lives.

We aspire to a world where each individual can play their part in breaking down the barriers that exist around mental health through ignorance and lack of understanding

We believe that people with mental health issues benefit from leading their own lives and shaping the services they receive

We promote our conviction that the best mental health services are delivered in partnership with the people we work alongside

By working intensively with each and every person, focusing on their hopes and needs, we can support them in building a positive and meaningful future for themselves – however long it takes.

Today we work with around 4,000 adults a month, the majority of whom are building a positive future for themselves whilst living with complex and recurring mental health issues. Together has around 100 different projects providing a variety of services.

We remain true to the principles of our founder in 1879, whilst constantly adapting to meet changing needs and aspirations.

Founded 1879