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Charity information

Eco Saviour

ECO Saviour's ultimate goal is to alleviate poverty. ECO Saviour focuses on empowering communities through the access of health care, water sanitation and education to those who live in abject poverty.
ECO Saviour tends to help the most vulnerable of society, such as children, women and the disabled, giving the opportunity to break the chains of poverty, and providing them with the chance of a better, more fulfilled life.

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    Eco Saviour is a very new charity, just registered few years. The charity is committed to helping those living in abject poverty, particularly those whose lives have recently been dramatically effected by climate change, rising sea levels and the worsening storms experienced by so many in Asia.

    The charities vision is: Through health education, health care and water purification and sanitation, to better the lives of those living lives of struggle and pain due to poverty and climate change

  • Aims

    Eco Saviour aims to:

    • ECO Saviour has various objectives in its work. It aims to help many to live better, more fulfilled lives. To ensure that everyone has clean water and adequate sanitation is our long term goal, but we must not get ahead of ourselves, we need to start a little smaller. To ensure that all have clean water and adequate sanitation is Bangladesh is a good place to start. There are also other ways in which ECO Saviour help within communities most vulnerable to disease and disability. We distribute preventative medicines, and we ensure adequate nutrients are taken daily by those most at risk of malnutrition and its effects. In addition to this we are working with local clinics and hospitals around Bangladesh so that we can give treatment to those who fall ill but can’t afford to pay costs of medicines and such like. This is a God send to many, and relieves families and communities of the worry and stress of trying to make sure loved ones receive the medication and appropriate care needed when one is poorly.
  • Overview

    Established: November 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1138318

    Phone number: 07889819826

    Address: 107 Chobham Road London E15 1LX

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