Osiligi Charity Projects

Osiligi Charity Projects

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Osiligi Charity Projects

Osiligi works with a Maasai community to reduce the effects of poverty in one of the poorest areas of Kenya. We work in:
Sustainable farming
Clean water
The charity runs a rural primary school currently educating 209 of the poorest children, along with an orphanage for the most vunerable.
Throughout the whole of Kenya we repair broken hand pumps installed by other charities. To date, we have repaired around 300 broken pumps

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    To improve the quality of life of the world’s poor through the use of knowledge and some finance

    In 2010, we built a well and hand pump, supplied clean drinking water from a protected spring, sponsored orphans and poor children to attend school, introduced solar lanterns to replace the fumes from kerosene lanterns and provided mico finance.

    In 2011 we built a primary school. By 2017 this school is educating 209 of the poorest from the area; children who would not otherwise go to school. Every child has a UK sponsor who covers the cost of their education.

    The school has clean water (via a solar powered pump), 30 computers, solar electricity and a satellite broadband link.

    A health clinic provides healthcare for the community and the school.

    An orphanage provides accommodation for the most deprived children whilst they receive an education at the school.

    There are about 1500 broken hand pumps scattered across Kenya. There is little point digging new wells whilst these remain broken. The charity has repaired around 300 broken hand pumps installed by other charities.

    The charity has no costs, as all the expenses are donated by the trustees. Thus, 100% of any donation goes to support the works in Kenya.

  • Aims

    Osiligi Charity Projects aims to:

    • To improve the quality of education in the area. The goal is to have children leave primary school with results that are good enough to enter good secondary schools. The charity has built a school.
    • To provide sustainable employment. Most people have no jobs. The aim is to help produce jobs. The charity has enabled some micro-loans and has helped set up two solar lamp rental businesses.
    • To introduce modern technology to solve environmental and health problems. The charity has introduced solar lights to the community, to replace the expense and harm caused by kerosene lamps.
    • To enable all children to attend primary school, regardless of wealth. The charity runs a child sponsor scheme, aimed at orphans, single mothers of families with no income.
    • To provide sources of clean water. The long term benefit is to improve the health, particularly of young children. The charity is drilling solar powered boreholes and repairing 300 handpumps.
  • Overview

    Established: March 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1135331

    Volunteers: 6

    Phone number: 01598 760289

    Address: Elwell HouseWest BucklandBarnstapleDevon EX32 0SW

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  • The 11th classroom at Osiligi Obaya School, Kenya.

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