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Relate helps to prevent relationship breakdown, and when things go wrong we are there to pick up the pieces of their lives and build happy, healthy relationships. We do this through counselling, sex therapy, advice, guidance and training workshops, face-to-face, over the telephone and online. Relationship breakdown ruins lives, and families can be torn apart by the aftermath of a divorce or separation.

Relationship breakdown can lead to:
Mental & physical ill health
Unemployment & problems at work

By donating to Relate you could be changing someones life - help us give the gift of a healthy relationship.

Founded 1937

  • Mission statement

    Our mission is to develop and support healthy relationships by:

    • helping couples, families and individuals to make relationships work better
    • delivering inclusive, high-quality services that are relevant at every life stage
    • helping both the public and policy makers to improve their understanding of relationships and what makes them flourish.

  • Aims

    Relate aims to:

    • Relate’s vision is a future in which healthy relationships form the heart of a thriving society.
  • Overview

    Established: February 1937

    Registered Charity Number: 207314

    Phone number: 0300 100 1234

    Address: 4th Floor, Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HX

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