Umeed Partnership (UK)

Umeed Partnership (UK)

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Umeed Partnership (UK)

The *Umeed Partnership provides opportunities for disadvantaged women and children in Pakistan through education and vocational training. We work in the tribal region of Baluchistan; in the city slums of Lahore, Quetta and Bahawalpur; and in the desert communities in southern Punjab around Yazman.

The Umeed Partnership:

1) Has sixteen vocational training centres for girls and women;
2) Develops a support system for women, helping widows, victims of domestic violence and disease;
3) Operates woodworking centres for street children (almost always boys);
4) Runs two schools in dalit 'low-caste' communities;
5) Is multi-faith - Christian, Hindu & Muslim;
6) Is based in north Wales with supporters across the UK.

The Umeed Partnership operates at grass-roots level in Pakistan, with no costly administrative infrastructure in the UK or Pakistan.

* Umeed is the Urdu word for Hope

Founded 2001

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