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Funding Neuro

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Funding Neuro

Funding Neuro funds research focused on solving the common problems which hinder progress towards cures and effective treatments for all conditions which affect the brain and spinal column.

Founded 2007

  • Mission statement

    At Funding Neuro we are working with scientists, patients and surgeons to develop the delivery systems which can deliver drugs and therapeutic devices to exactly where they are required.
    If we have a robust and reliable and safe delivery system, then we can deliver the many different compounds and devices which are believed to have therapeutic benefits. These compounds and devices then stand or fall on their merits.
    Our mission, is to find cures for all neurological disorders!
    Wobbly Williams is our sister organisation, set up by Bryn (a Parkinson's sufferer) to raise awareness about young onset Parkinson's and to give other sufferers hope and encouragement - together we stage spectacular and very different events to raise the money required to advance the research that we believe will make the difference.

  • Aims

    Funding Neuro aims to:

    • To raise £500,000 towards GDNF trials in the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.
    • To raise awareness of, firstly, young onset Parkinson's, and secondly all of the work that we do, to as wide an audience as possible
    • To ensure that anyone who works with us, supports us, or takes the time to contact us in any way, is made to feel as welcome and appreciated as possible, and to encourage them at all times to have fun
  • Overview

    Established: February 2007

    Board members: 3

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 30

    Phone number: 0141 585 6470

    Address: 2.10, Hillington Park Innovation Centre 1 Ainslie Road Glasgow G52 4RU

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