Charity information


Our Vision
“Empowering communities through conservation”
Securing long-term funding for the empowerment of communities that are the key to wilderness preservation.

Africa Foundation is an idea. It’s the shared vision of two organisations; one in the United Kingdom and one in the United States of America - with the same name and the same mission and objectives.

Our Mission and Purpose
Africa Foundation facilitates the empowerment and development of people living in or adjacent to protected areas in Africa, by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and communities. We fund projects based on the needs within the communities surrounding conservation areas, specifically in the following three areas:

•Education - school improvement, bursary schemes, conservation lessons
•Healthcare - primary healthcare centres, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes, access to water, sanitation
•Income Generating Activities - agricultural projects, skills centres, entrepreneurial support

A key Africa Foundation aim is to help break the cycle of poverty. We therefore seek to support projects that combine to provide a ‘conveyor belt’ of resources from pre-natal care, right the way through to university bursaries.

Founded 2001