Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue

Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue

Charity information

Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue

We are a registered UK charity set up to support, promote and collect funds for Corfu Donkey Rescue, a registered Greek charity run by Judy Quin, an English woman who has now made her home in Corfu.

Founded 2010

  • Mission statement

    The aims of Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue (FCDR) are:
    • exclusively charitable in accordance with the laws of England and Wales
    • to create awareness in the UK of the activities of Corfu
    Donkey Rescue (CDR)
    • to raise funds to help CDR
    - prevent the suffering of Corfu donkeys and
    - provide high quality care and a safe permanent home for those donkeys.

    Our friends at CDR (the only registered donkey charity in Greece, no. 1178) are a team of dedicated voluntary, but frequently changing, helpers. Along with the charity’s founder and mainstay Judy Quin, they are doing their utmost to provide the best possible care in trying circumstances - not to mention the conditions for the volunteers!

    CDR running costs exceed €80,000 a year – and climbing. Annual feeding costs for the donkeys alone amounts to around €56,000 and there are all the other bills you might expect – and some you don’t! – with the running of a donkey sanctuary. On top of that, to re-house donkeys which have been returned to health, to a haven in Europe averages around €8,000.

  • Aims

    Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue aims to:

    • FCDR benefits the public by creating an awareness of the plight of donkeys in Corfu and how to donate money to relieve their suffering; to provide care and treatment whilst at the rescue centre.
  • Overview

    Established: June 2010

    Registered Charity Number: 1136204

    Board members: 3

    Phone number: 01243 266258

    Address: 3 Blondell Drive Bognor Regis West Sussex PO21 4BQ

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  • Enabling CDR to look after 35+ old & sick donkeys

    The daily ongoing running costs need to be maintained otherwise Judy will be unable to con... More