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Grid Iron Theatre Company

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Grid Iron Theatre Company

Grid Iron are an Edinburgh-based theatre company who, following their incorporation in 1995, swiftly gained a reputation for creating high-quality, high profile shows. The Company went on to specialise in presenting shows in unusual locations. They are a new writing company who work in challenging sites that lend themselves especially well to Grid Iron’s taut production style. Occasionally they create work for the stage or use theatre buildings in a site-specific, promenade manner.

Founded 1995

  • Mission statement

    In its condensed form, our company statement says that we are ‘committed to producing exciting new ensemble work across Scotland in a variety of spaces and locations, with a special commitment to accessibility, entertainment and innovation. ’ For us, the most important words in that statement are ‘ensemble’ and ‘entertainment’ and, at the heart of what do, is a determination that our process of work should be as enjoyable as possible for all involved – cast, crew and audience.

    Along with that, we always try to have an open-minded approach to our work, meaning that we try to fully explore all directorial, design or production ideas, even if they initially appear to be impossible, or just plain daft. One of the things that we say when we’re welcoming new cast and crew members is that the reason he likes working with Grid Iron is that we try never to say an immediate ‘no’. This has lead to some rather unusual things, like a giant flying watermelon, a cast being taught to breathe fire and a whole production built around lads throwing themselves off a big set of swings. But it also seems to have played a large part in the success that we’ve enjoyed over the years.

    One thing that we’ve always been careful about, is not saying that we’ll only ever do site work. We’ve had to remain aware of the fact that site-specific theatre may lose it’s appeal some day, to the audience and also, maybe to us, especially if we get to a point where we feel we’ve learned all that we can

  • Aims

    Grid Iron Theatre Company aims to:

    • Grid Iron is committed to producing exciting new ensemble work across Scotland and beyond in a variety of spaces and locations, with a special commitment to accessibility, entertainment and innovation. We operate a cross-disciplinary, collaborative structure that allows the involvement of artists and production crew from various media at all stages of the creative process. Grid Iron recognises the need for professionalism in business practice, an attitude embodied in the practical and artistic collaboration of producer and director ? Grid Iron is committed to new writing in Scotland ? Grid Iron produces cross-disciplinary work which is exciting, innovative and accessible ? Grid Iron creates a flexible structure, enabling scripts to be developed through workshops and rehearsed readings ? Grid Iron has a commitment to providing opportunities for theatre workers early in their careers ? Grid Iron aims to provide strong roles for women on and off stage ? Grid Iron is committed to a policy of Equality of Opportunity
  • Overview

    Established: November 1995

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 2

    Phone number: 0131 555 5455

    Address: 2 Commercial Street Edinburgh EH6 6JA

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