Charity information


STARescue is a registered charity working in the Basingstoke, Sonning and surrounding areas taking in cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, mice, hamsters, birds and any other type of animal needing our help and try to deal with any case that comes to the rescue.

We are always willing to help and advice any member of the public. Animals that we can accommodate are re-homed as soon as a suitable home is available. Long term foster homes are sought for older animals or animals with disabilities and once these are found the Rescue remains responsible for their ongoing veterinary treatment.

Obviously dealing with a large number of animals on a regular basis, neutering and all other veterinary treatments before they are re-homed become very expensive; donations are asked for on adoptions but no way does this ever cover the everyday costs of animals in care. Therefore major fund-raising has to be done every week to meet these costs. At least £2,000 per month minimum has to be raised to keep up the work we do.

We are currently seeking additional funding to enable us to set up an animal sanctuary (rehoming centre, low cost clinic and education centre). At present all animals are kept at volunteers homes, so an animal sanctuary would allow us to keep them all under the same roof.

STARescue is always willing to give talks at Schools, Clubs and Community Groups. We feel this is important to educate the public on animal welfare which includes people who have un-neutered animals as pets, The importance of having animals neutered to prevent unnecessary births as there are far too many animals needing homes and not enough good homes to go around.

STARescue has two centres in Basingstoke that re-home Cats, Dogs, Rabbits etc. The Ferret centre is at Sonning, near Reading.

The rescue has most animals neutered before re-homing. If under aged at the time of homing, the rescue follows up and get them neutered at the appropriate time, Others where neutering is not appropriate are re-homed in single sexed pairs/groups. Pet owners having a problem finding the funds for veterinary treatment for example neutering can ask STARescue for advice and maybe help.

Founded 1998