Charity information


(i) To relieve poverty, to preserve and protect health and to advance education in the Horn/East Africa, in particular by conducting and commissioning research on the methods of combating desertification, mitigating the effects of drought and rehabilitation of degraded sites, for sustainable management, use and conservation of resources, and by supporting the implementation of integrated rural development projects such as Agro/forestry, soil and water conservation, animal production, human and animal disease prevention and small industries, to promote sustainable development and protection of environment and its habitats;

(ii) To advance the education and training of those from the Horn/East Africa and elsewhere in London which support the objects in clause (i) above;

(iii) To publish the useful results of such research.

And the Association shall have the following powers exercisable in furtherance of its said objects but not further or otherwise, namely:

(a) To present, promote, organise, provide, manage and produce films, broadcasts, concerts, musical pieces, entertainment, exhibition, tutorials, seminars, courses and workshops, whether on any premises of the Association or elsewhere.

(b) To procure to be written, printed, published, distributed and used gratuitously or otherwise such papers, books, extension materials or other documents as shall further the above objects.

Founded 1996

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