NAWO National Alliance of Women's Organisations

NAWO National Alliance of Women's Organisations

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NAWO National Alliance of Women's Organisations

NAWO is an umbrella organisation for over 100 organisations and individuals based in England. All members are concerned to ensure women gain access to their human rights, and to make equality between women and men a reality. Its diverse membership includes: single issue to specialist organisations, faith groups, health centres, arts-based organisations and others offering services and campaigning across a range of women's concerns.

NAWO with sister organisations in the devolved countries of the UK, forms part of the UK Joint Committee on Women (UKJCW), the co-ordinating body for the European Women's Lobby which seeks gender equality at EU level

Aims and Objectives
NAWO works in partnership with other women's organisations, like-minded groups and where possible, government departments:

To ensure that women's voices are heard and attended to nationally, in Europe and internationally

To ensure that gender is mainstreamed throughout all government policies and in their implementation

To enable women's empowerment, advancement, improved status and an end to gender-based violence

To provide information enabling understanding of and access to their rights, and take women's concerns - especially of those most marginalised - forward to all levels of government and service provision within and beyond UK boundaries.

Founded 1989