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About Teesdale Community Resources (TCR)

Our vision for Teesdale is, working alongside and directed by young is to create a district in which every young person, whatever their background is valued and challenged to become the best they can be. Our mission is to improve services, facilities and opportunities for all young people and in particular those aged 13-25 and include their families.

We want everyone growing up in Teesdale to enjoy access to high quality services and facilities and, should they need it, someone to talk to who can provide information, guidance and life enriching activities, all within a safe, stimulating and supportive environment in which they feel fully part of and have been in dialog with during design. We work with all young people whilst placing a particular emphasis on those who might be in any way disadvantaged or at risk of being excluded. To achieve those aims we need to provide appropriate facilities that will house our existing provision and allow us to offer a wider range of educational and recreational opportunities for Teesdale’s young people disadvantaged by rural location. Our Target is £13. 9m and we have so far reached 5. 8m with the help and support of the local community and a recent grant from the DCSF.

Founded 1978