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Neuroblastoma UK

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Neuroblastoma UK

Funding vital research to find new treatments for neuroblastoma and improve existing treatments.

Founded 1982

  • Mission statement

    Neuroblastoma is a cancer that mainly affects young children and babies. It is usually treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy but, while success rates have improved, the mortality rate remains high. Relapse is common and is very hard to treat successfully. About 100 children develop neuroblastoma every year in the UK, making it the most common solid tumour suffered by children, and probably the deadliest of all childhood cancers.

    Neuroblastoma UK has been working for over 25 years to find better treatments for this deadly cancer and to support children and families going through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Working on a completely voluntary basis, the Society has funded medical and scientific research to the tune of more than £2 million. We also provide an information service and a befriending service for families. Government and large charities devote very small proportions of their funds to researching childhood cancer and without the efforts of our members and supporters there would be very little neuroblastoma research.

  • Aims

    Neuroblastoma UK aims to:

    • We aim to facilitate communication and discussion amongst neuroblastoma experts. NBUK organises a biennial Neuroblastoma Research Symposium attracting delegates from the UK, Europe and beyond.
    • The main aim of NBUK is to fund medical research into the causes of neuroblastoma and to search for new and better treatments for this aggressive disease.
    • NBUK publishes a Parents' Booklet containing information for the family of a newly diagnosed child. It is available free of charge either in print or can be downloaded from our website.
  • Overview

    Established: March 1982

    Registered Charity Number: 326385

    Board members: 14

    Phone number: 020 8940 4353

    Address: 54 Forest Road Richmond TW9 3BZ

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  • The Neuroblastoma Research Symposium

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