Birchwood Access and Training Centre

Birchwood Access and Training Centre

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Birchwood Access and Training Centre

The Birchwood Access and Training Centre (“the Centre”) was established as a charity in 1995. The aim of the Centre is to provide access to adult community learning. The Centre is in the heart of the Birchwood Ward, situated in the south end of Lincoln City. The ward has a population of 7,798 (2001 Census figures). The Centre currently employs 13 members of staff see at Appendix 1. The Centre also has approximately 95 volunteer places which are well utilised within the area.

The Centre targets its services and markets itself to people who experience barriers to learning and social inclusion. Regardless of changes in funding over the years, the Centre has provided a continuity of service for this community and has trained over learners during 2009-10. The Centre prides itself on its supportive training environment, working with commitment and energy to provide a variety of opportunities. These opportunities include vocational qualifications, volunteering, work experience, progression on to further or higher education and ultimately employment.

It terms of funding for the Centre a significant proportion of funds come from the European Social Fund. However, we have successfully delivered projects through a variety of funding streams such as NLDC, UK Online, Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Enterprise.

The aims and objectives of the Centre are:
a) To make Birchwood a better area to live in:

b) by providing the opportunity for friendships to develop;

c) by being practical and careful with the surroundings in which we live;

d) by careful planning for the future;

e) by investing in new and existing skills;

f) to create and carry out a plan that will help the Centre achieve and maintain financial independence;

g) make it possible for volunteers and participants to promote their personal development;

h) enroll enough volunteers from the community to promote the aims of the Birchwood Access and Training Centre;

i) encourage ideas from the community, which would strengthen social capital; and

j) develop partnerships within the community and the broader area of Lincoln.

Founded 1995