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Aquarius is a leading provider of drug, alcohol and gambling interventions in the Midlands. We began work in 1977, since then our work has grown enormously. We specialise in supporting people through a team of over 200, operating across a wide geographical area. Our mission is to help individuals and communities address the problems and challenges they face arising from addictive behaviours.

Our clients come from all walks of life, cultures, circumstances and backgrounds. The common factor is their addictive behaviour. 70% of beneficiaries are male and 30% female, with a large proportion being economically inactive and benefit dependent.

We have a dedicated team of experienced staff delivering engagement and treatment services. Our practitioners adopt an holistic process of improving the well being and skills of individuals whilst encouraging them to focus on a life plan.

Within the delivery model we provide information, advice and guidance, regular planned interventions including the development of individual care plans, Detox referrals, one to one mentoring and support, Criminal justice courses and programmes including the Drink Impaired Drivers programme, Offender Substance Abuse programme and the Lower Intensity Alcohol programme.

Founded 1977


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