Keighley Sea Cadets

Keighley Sea Cadets

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Keighley Sea Cadets

Since its formation in 1964, Keighley Sea Cadets Charity No: 523738 have been working actively to;

1. Empower the youth of our town through solidarity and collective actions;
2. Improve and create a relaxed environment for learning;
3. Understand different social needs in a diverse and multi cultural society;
4. Promote self belief in actions and decisions;
5. Promote and build self esteem into all our young people;

Contrary to popular belief a Sea Cadet unit receives no funding from either the NAVY, or the MOD, with the exception of some boats and the uniform, Keighley unit is no exception to this we rise or fall on our own ability to raise funds.

Our aims are quite simple, to provide the infrastructure to enable the underprivileged young people of Keighley, between the ages of 10 to 18 to develop life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, self respect, social responsibility community awareness, and to give them a serious fun alternative to the modern culture of sitting in front of TV, playing video games, or worse hanging round on street corners in gangs.

We help young people towards responsible adulthood by encouraging valuable personable attributes and high standards of conduct using a nautical theme. With the experience of the sea cadets under their belts many young people from meagre beginnings have gone on to become famous, movie star Sean Connery, TV personality Rolf Harris jazz legend Kenny Ball, to name but a few.

Founded 1964

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