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University of Central Lancashire

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University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire is a modern institution based in Preston which received its university charter in 1992 although its roots go back to 1828. It undertakes everything that one would expect from a university and it has recently opened an additional new campus in Burnley. The university has an excellent record of widening participation and encouraging students from less well off families to participate in higher education. It acknowledges the difficulties that students from disadvantaged backgrounds encounter and has a range of support mechanisms both social and financial to assist. The university devotes considerable time to partnerships with schools and colleges and works with a considerable number of young people aged under 18 each year. It runs summer schools, taster days, awareness days, workshops on a variety of topics including careers and employability, finance and student life. The university works very closely with AimHigher to encourage young people who traditionally would not attend university because of social or financial barriers.

Founded 1992

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    Established: 1992

    Phone number: 01772 895042

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    Young people living in Burnley are less likely to aspire to higher education than their pe... More