SOS!SEN Special Educational Needs

SOS!SEN Special Educational Needs

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SOS!SEN Special Educational Needs

SOS! SEN offers free, friendly, independent and confidential support for parents and carers of children with special educational needs (SEN).

We offer information and advice on SEN to help parents and others find their way through the legal and procedural maze which can be daunting to many who try to obtain satisfactory provision for a child’s special needs. All our advocates give their time voluntarily.

Our aim is to empower parents and carers, and to encourage them to become sufficiently confident to tackle for themselves the obstacles and difficulties that arise in battling for SEN rights. In turn, we hope they will use their knowledge and experience to help others.

We are based in Hampton, Middlesex and offer our services throughout England and Wales.

The organisation’s main activities include:
• a telephone helpline
• advice centres for 1:1 support
• workshops on specific topics
• a website of resources and information
• individual case worker support
• referrals through our network of contacts to professionals and support groups who provide specific help and advice.
• a children’s charity shop (All4Kids).

Founded 2002