Harlow Stroke Support Group

Harlow Stroke Support Group

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Harlow Stroke Support Group

Stroke, is a debilitating illness, it can effect you physically, but also mentally, it can take away your speech, your skills to read and write, or the use of your legs.
We are here to help.

Founded 1996

  • Mission statement

    Many Stroke survivors, and their carers, suffer from a feeling of isolation and loss of confidence in themselves. Our Aim is to assist them to overcome these feelings by offering INFORMATION, SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP, and by showing, by example, a positive outlook for the future.

    We operate in Harlow and the Surrounding Areas.

    We offer a home visit, to assess how we can be of help. We also run 2 weekly groups. These are

    1. Dysphasia Group ( Speech and Language Problems)
    2. Social and Communication Group

    Both are held at the GPCA Abercrombie Way, Harlow on Thursday and Friday morning. We also have monthly events and outings.

    We can also be of help, with benefits, home help etc.

    If you have had a stroke or are caring for someone whom has had a stroke, please do not hesitate to call us. Tel - 01279 308313.

  • Aims

    Harlow Stroke Support Group aims to:

    • Build confidence, and help build a quality of life, for stroke survivors and their family. Also help with communication, when the stroke survivor has lost the art of speech.
  • Overview

    Established: August 1996

    Registered Charity Number: 1099071

    Board members: 6

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 7

    Phone number: 01279 308313

    Address: 3 Wych Elm Harlow CM20 2LW

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  • Harlow Stroke Support Group

    To Support Stroke Survivors and their carers and family.