Penicuik Community Development Trust Ltd

Penicuik Community Development Trust Ltd

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Penicuik Community Development Trust Ltd

Penicuik Community Development Trust (PCDT) is an active, grass-roots body dedicated to improving Penicuik. Originally set up to save the iconic Cowan Institue (Penicuik Town Hall) from disposal for redevelopment, the Trust has run a community cafe there for the past five years and created and run a cinema there for the last three. So far, PCDT has operated as a social enterprise without recurrent grant or paid staff and mobilises some 1500 man-hours of volunteer service each year.

Papermaking began in Penicuik more than 300 years ago and, by 1870, Penicuik was seen as the foremost centre for industrialised papermaking in the world. Now all six of the town's papermills have closed and all except Bank Mill have been demolished for redevelopment. As the first stage in a long-term project to rejuvenate the town, PCDT has secured a short term lease of this histroric late 18th - early 19th century building, named for its production of paper for bank notes.

PCDT is urgently seeking finance to buy and refurbish Bank Mill and its associated lades. All are threatened with demolition for housing redevelopment. The Bank Mill Project aims to
(i) create a national heritage centre for the Scottish papermaking industry, thereby bringing in visitors to revitalise the town centre's economy;
(ii) restore the once proud motto "Penicuik the Papermaking Town" by re-establishing the production of specialist low-volume, high-value paper in Penicuik;
(iii) re-install mill water wheels so that they can generate electricity as a clean, carbon-free, renewable source of energy;
(iv) create educational facilities, craft training and employment, and bring in new light-industry for water power technology;
(v) enhance facilities for the long-distance rambling and cycle way along the River Esk that passes the Mill;
(vi) establish a mill garden integrated with the Penicuik Food Project.

Founded 2005

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