Charity information

Odanadi UK

Odanadi UK was set up to provide support to its partner organisation Odanadi. Odanadi, which is based in Mysore, South India, works to combat human trafficking, violence against women and child exploitation.

Founded 2008

  • Mission statement

    Odanadi provides support, rehabilitation and accommodation to those who have experienced these human rights violations. Odanadi has rescued more than 2000 women and minors from trafficking. 54 rescue operations have been conducted and 138 traffickers have been arrested. Odanadi also works ceaselessly to raise awareness about these issues with a range of stakeholders, such as the police, judiciary but also critically, those communities vulnerable to being targeted by traffickers.

    Odanadi UK was established in 2008. It works to raise funds and awareness for the work of Odanadi and also provide them with a range of management support to enable them to carry out their work more effectively. We also seek to increase understanding about human trafficking more generally.

  • Overview

    Established: February 2008

    Registered Charity Number: 1124595

    Phone number: 07931 780740

    Address: PO Box 58265, London N1P 1EX

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  • Rehabilitation Centre for Boys and Young Men

    The boys and young men rescued by Odanadi are currently living in temporary structures. Od... More