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Progressio is an international charity with Catholic roots that works in 11 developing countries. Progressio challenges poverty with people power. With the right skills and knowledge, people can overcome the barriers that keep them poor. Our innovative approach places skilled development workers with local communities. We work on projects that tackle poverty and improve lives. And we challenge the unjust systems and policies that perpetuate poverty. We currently work in Timor-Leste, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Somaliland and Yemen.

Founded 1940

  • Mission statement

    Progressio's mission is to challenge poverty with People Power and overcome the barriers that keep people poor

    Poverty is not just about lack of resources. At its core lie the inequalities of power which erode human dignity. This is the conviction behind Progressio’s work.

    Progressio sends highly-skilled people to work with grassroots organisations in developing countries. We don’t impose solutions. We ask people what needs to change – and then we give them the right help so they can make it happen. We bring skills, ideas and expertise on three key areas of poverty and injustice: governance, environment and HIV. Together we do what is needed to improve the lives of thousands of people in poor communities. That’s People Power.

    Poor people empowered to transform their lives. That’s our vision. People powered development is how we will make it happen – inspired by our values of respect, solidarity, passion and boldness.

  • Aims

    Progressio aims to:

    • Help people gain power over their lives and overcome barriers that keep them poor.
  • Overview

    Established: August 1940

    Registered Charity Number: 294329

    Board members: 9

    Full time staff: 71

    Part time staff: 6

    Phone number: 020 7326 2026

    Address: Progressio Units 9-12 The Stableyard Broomgrove Road London SW9 9TL

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