Paula Hallett Wisma Mulia Trust

Paula Hallett Wisma Mulia Trust

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Paula Hallett Wisma Mulia Trust

"Provision of facilities benefits amenities and services to those in need, accommodated in the care homes of Fountain Housing Association - or others at the discretion of the Trustees. " This the mission statement as it appears on the Charity Commission website.

Wisma Mulia, a well-respected not-for-profit retirement home with 24 residents in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, is currently the only Fountain Housing care home. The Paula Hallett Wisma Mulia Trust (formerly the Paula Hallett Trust) was founded in 1984 to benefit the home's residents in time of financial need.

In the past the Trust has typically made small amounts available for things like hairdressing or chiropody, or the occasional group outing.

Lately, however, one particular much larger need has become pressing and serious. Recently six of these residents have found it difficult to cover the very reasonable accommodation costs, which average £528 weekly. Owing to falling interest rates the Paula Hallett Wisma Mulia Trust has found it difficult to cover the average weekly shortfall of £100 for each resident. The Trust now seeks to raise £90,000 over the next two years, to set up a fund from which the interest can be used to cover the shortfall in accommodation costs for these six existing residents, not only immediately, but in the longer term.

Our aim is not only to help these residents materially, but to ease the anxiety many of them feel about being in debt - something people of their generation, who have always believed in supporting themselves and paying their way - find worrying and demeaning.

Since launching our appeal in August 2010, PHWMT has already raised £10,000 through gigs, benefits, a garden party and personal appeals. We expect to at least double this amount over the coming 12 to 14 months, and are writing for grants for the remainder.

Our aim is not to scratch along on handouts, but to render our Trust sustainable for the long term, so that it can continue to support Wisma Mulia residents for many years to come.

We would welcome sympathetic interest in our work - whether in the form of advice or donations. The manager of Wisma Mulia, Philip James, and the board of trustees, are always pleased to answer queries about the place, or to welcome visitors.

Founded 1984

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