Compassion Direct UK - CDUK

Compassion Direct UK - CDUK

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Compassion Direct UK - CDUK

CDUK are working with children & families in shanty towns, rural mountain schools, refugee camps & communities. We have provided wells, wind turbines, industrial sewing machines, educational materials, a Woman & Child Development Center, water harvesting tanks, fruit trees & vegetable gardens, libraries, hand knitted clothing & material aid to refugees in Syria, Ukraine, Greece, Palestine, Lebanon & France, our most recent project is to assist an almost derelect school in Ashanti, Ghana.

Founded 2004

  • Mission statement

    Compassion Direct UK – CDUK, believe that 'Earth is the Home that we Share'.
    We are an environmentally aware, registered charity, giving direct practical help where possible to children & families living & working in streets, shanties, & remote rural schools.

    CDUK trustees believe that the world is interdependent & that our lives are interrelated, we try to reflect this in our literature & our ethos.

    Our projects assist people to help them selves & work towards becoming independent with dignity & respect.

    On a local level we encourage our local volunteer groups to fundraise using recycled materials, such as jumble, & second hand book sales, auctions, bring & buy sales etc.

    We are a small organization of professional volunteers whoes work often goes under the radar & reaches parts other don't reach. We sometimes achieve small things that make a massive difference to peoples lives.

  • Aims

    Compassion Direct UK - CDUK aims to:

    • To directly assist children & families in streets, shanties, refugee camps & rural mountain schools , with practical, sustainable self help projects in consultation with local people.
    • To provide wells, fruit trees, community gardens, rainwater harvesting, chicken pens for sustainable food sources & sewing machines, books, tools, & educational materials for self help & development.
    • To send aid to European refugees and displaced persons to enable them to rebuild their shattered lives.
    • To address the problems of early years child development & malnutrition resulting in reduction of mental & physical development that disables primary & secondary education & future development
    • To develop & promote the concept of 'Earth the Home we Share' the interdependence & interrelations between all people on the planet which is struggling beyond its carrying capacity.
  • Overview

    Established: September 2004

    Registered Charity Number: 1113505

    Board members: 5

    Volunteers: 150

    Phone number: 07773470384

    Address: 12 Walton FieldsBanbury RoadKinetonWarwick CV35 0JP

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