Unlock - for people with convictions

Unlock - for people with convictions

Charity information

Unlock - for people with convictions

Unlock is an award-winning charity which helps people with convictions to live law-abiding lives by
- providing information and advice via a helpline and online resources
- encouraging others to be fairer and more inclusive.

We answer more than 8,000 personal inquiries annually, and our websites have over 1. 3 million users. In 2018-19, we supported 15 volunteers as helpline advisors, who answered over 75% of inquiries. Our work influences government policies and law.

Founded 2000

  • Mission statement

    Our mission is to help people overcome the long-term disadvantages caused by their criminal convictions, and to work with government, employers and others to enable people to move on positively in their lives.

    There are over 11 million people in the UK living with a previous conviction, most have not been to prison. They can all face unfair barriers to employment, housing, financial services and other aspects of society – sometimes many years after the offence, when they have worked hard to put their past mistakes behind them.

    Our vision is for a fair and inclusive society where people with convictions can move on positively in their lives.

    “Everyone deserves a second chance and a chance to turn their life around” - Crowdjustice supporter

    “[you are]… helping people that are being punished for life… giving people a chance rather than tossed aside... Giving hope for a better future to many who have lived socially excluded, rejected and feeling worthless. ” Helpline user

    Unlock is registered with The Fundraising Regulator

  • Aims

    Unlock - for people with convictions aims to:

    • People moving on positively in their lives – individuals have the knowledge, skills, confidence and support to overcome the long-term disadvantages caused by their convictions.
    • A fairer and more inclusive society – government, employers and others have policies, practices and attitudes that support fair treatment of people with convictions.
  • Overview

    Established: January 2000

    Registered Charity Number: 1079046

    Board members: 8

    Full time staff: 5

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 6

    Phone number: 01622 230705

    Address: 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1HH

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