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British Inspiration Trust

The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) exists to provide vital support, hope and ambition to young people dealing with physical or mental disability, with deprivation, with injury and wounding, or with being a young carer looking after someone dealing with any of these. Facing this kind of adversity can be devastating and we aim to inspire change in them and wider society.

Who we help
We seek to provide help to young people aged between 16 and 25 who have either suffered physical or mental disability, been deprived, injured and wounded as well as those who are their carers. When we talk about inspiration we nean the ability to encourage, enthuse and empower young people through conversation, activities and outreach

Our Outlook
We aim to engage Great Britain by fusing businesses and the public to support young people facing adversity:
• BRIT will aim to engage with over half a million young people facing adversity, their families and friends.
• BRIT will build partnerships between specialist charities whose focus is on satisfying the needs of specific groups to create a network of charities across the country.
• BRIT will become the focal point for providing ways and means to inspire to young people.
• BRIT will ask public figures who inspire young people to become mentors.

The British Inspiration Trust will build The National Centre of Inspirational Excellence and serve as the conduit and focus for inspirational figures from every sector of society to come together as one and inspire young people who need vital support. There is no charity that focuses on using inspiration as the core focus for the individual to make aspiring choices. The Centre will serve as a national residential hub for charities, facilitating best practices, research and innovation. BRIT aspires to be a visionary facilitator as it serves to inspire by partnering with and introducing existing charities, support groups and organisations to maximize the best knowledge, information and best practice Young People will receive at one centre; the BRIT Centre.

I believe Everything is Possible

Phil Packer MBE
Founder & Non-Paid Chief Executive

Founded 2010

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