Notts County FC Football in the Community

Notts County FC Football in the Community

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Notts County FC Football in the Community

Football in the Community (FITC) is an award-winning charity which was established in 1989 to provide direction (especially in hard-to-reach, disadvantaged and marginalised communities) through sport and education. We work directly with specific groups to deliver a beneficial impact; improving opportunities to people who are in educational, social and economic disadvantage, which results in better health, confidence and life skills. We:

 increase the numbers playing sport and develop innovative projects
 encourage healthier, active lifestyles and positive behaviours
 re-engage young people in learning and maximise their potential
 develop programmes to reduce youth offending
 encourage inclusion by targeting specific demographics
 promote FITC as a community resource
 create employment and volunteering opportunities

As an Investor in People, we are considered to be an example of best practice nationally and are a Football League Trust Silver Accredited scheme – the highest level. We aspire to become one of the first Gold Accredited schemes when this is introduced in October.

As the world’s oldest football league club, we are deeply rooted in our local community and are able to engage people from all ages and backgrounds across Nottingham. Nottingham has a large number of social and health-related problems and our work has been designed to address these. We inspire local people to become more active, positive and healthier through sports activities.

We aim projects at the grassroots, working in challenging areas where it is hard to engage certain groups. We have a reputation for engaging sections of the population they are unable to, including older men, teenagers, excluded young people, those at risk of committing crime, etc. Our work is inclusive and we ensure our projects are accessible, often working in areas with high incidences of obesity, deprivation, crime, low educational attainment and low employment.

We have vast experience of working throughout Nottingham. As a result, we have been recognised as a key partner by the two major public sector funders in the city. We work closely with both Nottingham City Council and NHS Nottingham who have identified FITC as an important element of their agenda.

Our staff make a positive difference to people in Nottingham, through the power of football and engaging participants using Notts County FC’s brand name. We offer opportunities to young people who are interested in working in a sports coaching environment.

Participants benefit physically, mentally and emotionally by accessing our projects. We target individuals who need our help and encourage fitness and healthy eating, while improving their confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately we affect behaviour change for the long-term, meaning participants have improved life experiences. Our excellent record of targeting problem wards and addressing issues using sports activities is demonstrated by the awards we win. In 2008, On the Ball (a football project aimed at young men with mental health issues) won the Football League Trust's Best Community Initiative. This year, Active Schools won Best Community Project for Health.

As well as delivering high quality projects, our work reaches out to massive numbers. This year, we worked with 20,000 different people across Nottingham. All our projects have specific objectives, which we measure and evaluate regularly to prove how effective they are, and to ensure funders are satisfied with our results.

Founded 1989