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Student Hubs is a quickly growing charity working with 20,000 students, 130 student societies and over 100 partner organisations to transform student involvement in social action in UK universities.

Founded 2007

  • Mission statement

    Student Hubs believes that in order to see a real change in social issues in the UK, it is crucial to invest in young people. We see university students as a key target group because students are at a highly formative stage of life, and the ideas that they interact with during their time at university will affect their future lives.

    We passionately believe that university should be an enabling environment for students to become active local and global citizens; and that such a culture change will lead to a much more just society for all. At the universities in which we work, we are working to build a flourishing community of socially aware and socially active students who make a positive difference at home and abroad, both during their time at university and in their future careers.

    To achieve this vision, our mission is therefore to inspire those who will be the next generation of leaders to engage with social action, social entrepreneurship and citizenship, empowering students to tackle community need and the local, national and international levels and ensuring that the programmes they work on are effective and sustainable.

    In less than four years, we have grown to work in seven universities supporting a membership of over 20,000 students, 130 student societies, 800 community volunteers, 100 local voluntary organisations and 30 national NGOs. As the largest youth volunteering charity in the UK, we are also working to lead the strategic direction of the sector.

  • Aims

    Student Hubs aims to:

    • We aim to raise the profile of social action so that ethical and charitable activities are well publicised and supported within the landscape of each university in which we work
    • We also aim to connect students to their local communities so that community engagement is the norm and not the exception, and the town/gown divide is broken down
    • Once students graduate from university, we then aim to keep them connected to opportunities to make a positive social impact, whether this be community volunteering or becoming trustee of a charity
  • Overview

    Established: September 2007

    Registered Charity Number: 1122328

    Board members: 5

    Full time staff: 19

    Volunteers: 120

    Phone number: 01865 264150

    Address: Student Hubs 16-17 Turl Street Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 3DH

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