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National Theatre Wales was created in 2009 and creates bold, invigorating theatre in the English language, rooted in Wales, with an international reach. The company began producing in 2010 with a sell-out critially acclaimed year of monthly productions across Wales.

"The ever-inventive National Theatre Wales" The Guardian

Three key values will run through all National Theatre Wales activity. Our work will be:

Innovative: National Theatre Wales opens up new possibilities in theatre: from exploring new locations, to identifying burning issues and expressing them in urgent ways; from finding new roles for the audience to introducing new kinds of artists to theatre-making.

Engaged: As a national theatre, National Theatre Wales connects with the wide range of communities that make up a complex country. The company produces and presents work in a surprising variety of places; and every production involves a strategy to engage and respond to new audiences. Work is embedded in the communities in which it takes place, often over very long periods. The people of Wales should feel a real sense of ownership of their national theatre.

International: National Theatre Wales will bring directors and companies from across the world to work with Welsh artists, actors and participants, creating new languages of theatre. It will make links with key festivals and venues to present Welsh work internationally. It will partner with other ‘small countries with big neighbours’ to make dynamic theatrical connections, changing the way we view the world. National Theatre Wales will always aim to create work that is of international standard in its aesthetics and execution.

Founded 2008